Friday, July 22, 2011

Lovin' Life: One More Look at WV

This episode of Lovin' Life will be devoted to taking one more look at our adventures in the mountains of WV and the wonderful people I am proud to call family.

My sweet, adventurous Zoey-bug

I love how Zoey is so ready to tackle any adventure. The car ride didn't phase her, being away from home was no big deal and meeting many brand new people delighted her. I am so thankful that Zoey took this whole adventure in stride and ended up having a blast along the way! There were so many wonderful memories made and I am so proud to call Zoey my daughter.

I love that Zoey is a fish. When we were swimming up here with her cousins (mostly older and swimming independently), Zoey didn't want me to even be near her while she was swimming. Of course I or someone else stayed within an arm's reach of her, but I let her push off of me and go one her own. I have to admit, I love that about her and it reminds me of me.

I love that Zoey took interest in the pamphlets. I know she doesn't really understand that they are places to go yet, but this is one of my favorite things to do when we go places. If you had any doubt if there was anything to do in the mountains of WV, let me assure you, there are. 

Zoey really did go to all of her relatives and cousins very easily. This is her Granny, which is the only person besides me that she knew. But she did so good all weekend and had a blast with all of her new friends. I really like this picture of Zoey and Granny from the reunion.

Zoey is climbing a mountain. Well, not the actual mountain, this is just the hill between the lower stairs and the Lodge, but she had a lot of fun climbing it. When we stopped at rest areas on the way up and back she loved running down the big hills and even laughed when she fell down towards the bottom. I think she really enjoys the different places we visit.

I love this picture of Zoey and (my) Uncle Gerry. She gravitated to him immediately. He took her under his wing and on an adventure while I was getting some group shots. She had such a great time.

This is the sweetest thing. Zoey and Joanna exchanging a hug as the reunion began to disperse. I don't know who had fun over the weekend, Zoey or Joanna, but I know they really enjoyed playing together.

I don't really know why, but I just love this picture of us. Zoey is trying to get away of course, but I held her long enough for this one picture. She really is always ready to go off on an adventure. She is such a wonderful little girl.

A woman was wearing this on her shirt and I just fell in love with it. My Papa was a West Virginia Coalminer, not very far from where we were at the state park actually. I have a great respect for the field and the hardship that it entails. My grandparents moved to NC when my mom was a kid, but there are still very deep roots in the mountains of West Virginia for my family.

Okay, so I realize that you are probably tired of hearing about this trip of mine to West Virginia, so I promise (I think) that this will be my last post about it. However, I'm still working on the scrapbook (happy dance!) I hope you all have a great weekend! I'd love to hear about your adventures what makes you Lovin' Life!

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