Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Simple, Fun Weekend

This weekend is the weekend for rest in between two busy weekends. Last weekend we celebrated the Fourth of July with Stephen's family and next weekend we are joining in a family reunion with my Mom's family. So this weekend we kicked back and just spent some time to ourselves.

On Saturday Zoey and I spent so quality time pretending. We got all of her Little People out and played and played. She has a farm with all kinds of animals. I would hold up an animal and ask "What animal is this?" She would say "Moooo" for a cow, "Baaaa" for a sheep and "Neiggghhh" for a horse. I suppose she understands at least. I love watching her imagination come alive!

Saturday afternoon we had a HUGE thunderstorm. We would see lightning and two seconds later thunder would shake the entire house! Thankfully, Zoey isn't afraid of storms. We actually spend a good bit of time watching's one of my favorite things to do. I find storms fascinating and even relaxing, I hope Zoey shares that.

During the storm our power went out. It flickered and then never came back on. I was a little excited truthfully. At least at first. I lit a few candles (even though it was afternoon, it was really dark because of the storm clouds and sheets of rain.) Then I grabbed our flashlight just in case. I also grabbed some ice packs and put them around the milk, the one thing that would completely spoil with no power. Zoey and I told stories and played with blocks and Stephen played his acoustic guitar. It was actually pretty fun.

After the power was out for over an hour, the excitement wore off. I give kudos to people who lived without electricity, it really changes how you do anything. The worst part is without any air or fans, it was getting really hot in the house. So we decided to head over to our friend's house who did have power. It was fun to go and hang out for a bit. Unexpected visits are sometimes the best. Zoey had a blast! She was running around and super excited to be out around bed time. We played for a while and then settled her down in an extra bedroom. I love Zoey so much because she slept perfectly on her little make-shift bed in an unfamiliar place with little fuss. Later that evening, we checked our house and yay the power was back on! I was glad we slipped away for a while though because according to the clock (starts at 12 when power comes back on) the power had only be on for about an hour and the house was just cooling off to be comfortable again.

On Sunday morning we got up to go to church. Zoey picked out her dress and then got out a pair of panties and started putting them on. I thought this was too cute. We compromised and she actually wore her panties over her diaper (because she isn't at all enough potty trained to go out without a diaper on, especially when she will go in the nursery during service.) I think it is awesome that she is so eager to wear panties though. She also picked out her own shoes, which she wanted to wear with socks even though it is in the 90s outside. So she walked out the door with a cute summer yellow dress, panties over her diaper and dark brown boots with bright purple socks. And though I was laughing, I was fine with this. She was so cute and I love that she has an opinion all her own.

We had such a fun morning. Zoey went into the nursery barely turning around when she said "bye bye" and was off playing with other kids. She also didn't want to leave the nursery when service was done, or the church for that matter. She has so much fun running around and playing with the other kids. I love how adventurous and outgoing she is. I am so proud of the little girl she is, she is growing up so fast!

To continue talking about how awesome I think my little girl is she can point out her facial features. This isn't all that exciting, but we never really taught her these, she just learned them on her own. She can even say most of them. At lunch, we were showing this off and her Daddy asked her "Where is your nose?" She pointed to her nose. "Where are your eyes?" She points to her eyes with both hands. "Where is your mouth?" She sticks her hand in her mouth. "Where is your hair?" She runs her hand through her hair (we learned that be brushing each other's hair.) "Where are your ears?" She pokes her Daddy in the eye. Haha! The table laughs! Apparently, she had enough of that game. I love kids.

I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend to me! :) We've always let our guys dress themselves if they're interested. Our youngest, almost 7 now, has *always* picked out his clothes. Our oldest, 9, wasn't really as interested.

    I hope you enjoy your week!

  2. I like time just to ourselves. I think we need it sometimes. My oldest LOVE the Little People! I have tons of them. My youngest never really got into them as much. :( The movies are kind of fun! Check them out if you haven't already.