Monday, August 22, 2011

How a Great Day Goes Bad

Today was a great day. We had a busy weekend so it was nice to lay low today and mostly relax. Zoey had a great birthday party this weekend so we spent most of the day cleaning up and playing and replaying with all of her new toys. Add some meals, a movie and a nice day outside to play in and it really was a great day. And to top off the wonderful adventures of the day there weren't any meltdowns. I know right, I was very impressed with my two year old. She often acts so much older than her age, then again she sometimes acts very much her age. I'll take the good with the bad and enjoy awesome days like this one.

Today was great. This evening was...not so great.

If you live in the South Eastern part of the United States you are probably well aware of Hurricane Irene knocking on our coastline. I was aware as well, but I had no idea it had took a turn for the worst, or at least in our direction today. As Stephen got off work today he sent me a text along these lines..."You know the hurricane Irene coming? It is suppose to hit land on Saturday morning as a category 3. Maybe your parents shouldn't come visit this weekend. Perhaps we should go to the upstate just in case."


I know Stephen, I also know he doesn't suggest things like this unless he is concerned. So now I am concerned. No, I'm pretty much freaking out. And just to make it that much more comforting a loud roar of thunder echos in the background.

I call my mom and ask what she thinks about the hurricane. She told me that she thought it was still too soon to decide if they were still coming up or not. However, this verdict was through a broken reception conversation where neither one of us could really hear the other. So now I am just stressed out.

Then I talk to Stephen. Thankfully. He doesn't sound as worried on the phone as his text made him sound. Figures. However, the storm looks bad enough that his work is talking about closing on Friday so everyone who chooses to can leave the coast. Also, the city might call for an evacuation for all of Charleston. Okay, so Hurricane Irene is still pretty serious.

We talked more and agreed that we would wait until the middle of the week and then make a decision whether to stay or go. If we decide it is necessary to leave we want to get out before the rush starts. Basically, we want to play it safe, especially with Zoey.

Honestly, I don't know how to handle natural disasters. I've never really had much practice, at least as a mom. I hear this and I start making lists in my head of all the things we would need to prepare. And amidst the borderline chaos going on in my head I am on the phone trying to figure out what the best course of action/preperation is and I'm cooking dinner and I am just getting completely...


Then Stephen comes home after a long day of work and a cancelled football practice due to storms and I'm being confrontational with him because I am stressed. And I feel horrible for being confrontational and end up feeling more stressed. Isn't it amazing how these downward spirals work.

See this is how a great day goes bad.

Thankfully, there is an up side. One, I have a very understanding and patient husband. Two, we have at least two days to figure out and prepare for the incoming hurricane. Three, a delicious dinner and then Top Gear can cure some stressful situations..

So after freaking out, calming down and talking some more we have a plan. I'm going to prepare some tomorrow, just in case. And now I have some me time to get the dozens of things I want to do done. Thankfully, I put blogging on that list. There is nothing better than writing to get out my emotions and make me feel better.

Is this storm freaking anyone else out? They are comparing Irene to Hugo, which I definitely wouldn't want to be in town during. Do you handle situations like natural disasters differently now that you have kids?

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