Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoey Had A Great Birthday Party Too!

To add to Zoey's already wonderful birthday we threw a party for all of our friends to celebrate Zoey turning two. She had a wonderful time! It is at times like these that I am reminded of all the wonderful friends we have made while living here. There were several people who came and all had big smiles and hugs for Zoey. There were friends I used to work with, friends Stephen works with and many friends we consider family. It was a lovely evening. Zoey was able to play with the adult friends, but also two little friends of her own that came (that doubles the kids at her first year party, which I found sort of funny.) We had burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and chips that I thought was the perfect dinner. I'm glad Zoey had such a great time, it was a wonderful birthday party!

Zoey was so excited to have all of her friends at her party. She was just dancing and singing for the longest time. She had a great time interacting with everyone, she is such a little social butterfly.

Zoey also had a great time playing with the two little kids. They are both one this year, so Zoey had fun being the big girl of the bunch. Though, she plays with them very well, they make quite the little trio. They seemed to really enjoy playing blocks together. I am glad Zoey has playmates to learn with and from.

I made Zoey a Minnie Mouse Cupcake cake! I thought it turned out well, not perfect, but it was tasty. Zoey really liked it, which is all that matters to me. She looked at it and said "Minn-me, Minn-me!" My heart soared. Zoey loves her Minnie and this was perfect for this party.

Zoey LOVED blowing out the candles. She was pretty good at it too, which impressed me. She would blow them out and then ask to light them again. She blew them out about 3 times while we sang happy birthday. It was really cute to see her so excited.

"Yay" she said when we got done singing. She loved her cupcake cake, which she did help make. She is such a light herself, she was so cute eating her own cupcake. Then she wanted to hand them out to all of her friends, that was super cute.

Zoey got all kinds of really cool toys from all of her friends. She played with them all that day and each and every one several times since then. The one she wanted set up that evening was her new lady bug tent. She was playing with the lady bug head while a friend started setting it up. She was singing to herself in this picture and making the cutest face of "please." Of course, she wanted to help set it up too. So they got it all set up together.

Once it was all set up, she pulled me into test it out with her. She loves it! She will take her other toys in there and have her own little hid out. The best part is that she will take books in there and all I will hear is sounds of reading from outside it. I'm glad she likes all of her toys, they will get very much use.

It seems no birthday is complete without a jam session, so Zoey jams out with Daddy. A couple other friends play too and they had a great time. When Zoey wasn't drumming for her little audience, she would dance and sing while the others played. She is so musical.

Zoey had a great party and I thank everyone who came and sent wishes for her. We have some very special family and friends in our lives and I am grateful for every one of them! Now it is time to enjoy the 2's, I am really excited to see my little girl continue to grow!


  1. Awwww, looks like the party went really well!! Love that she is so musical and that she wanted to blow out the candles again and again! Too cute!

  2. Cute cake! Pictures are awesome and it looks like it was a fun party! =)