Monday, August 29, 2011

Zoey Had A Great Birthday!

Zoey had a great birthday! She turned two this year. It was mostly a normal day with presents and a cupcake after Daddy got home, but it was special. And it was especially wonderful to me.

Zoey loves to be in the kitchen helping me so it was natural for her to help me make her birthday cupcakes. We had a great time mixing, pouring and well eating the batter too. She is really good at cracking the eggs and I think that is her favorite part. In fact, our egg intake has increased since she has discovered this skill.

Zoey was so excited to see her presents. Now that she is older she is starting to anticipate. It makes it exciting and we've been having a countdown and birthday crafts all week to lead up to her special day. I also love that Zoey will tear into presents now, it makes them a lot more fun.

Zoey loved her tea set. She immediately invited me and Daddy for tea. We each got our own cups, plates and bowls with unlimited refills! I love watching her imagination come alive.

Zoey talked to both of her grandmothers on her birthday. My parents even called her up on Skype. It was so precious when she offered my mom tea over the computer. She even tried to spoon her some food to go with it. I am so glad Zoey has a great relationship with both of her grandparents.

Zoey eating her birthday cupcake! She was very excited about her special day. I'm glad she had a good time, even if it was just a lazy day with Mommy and Daddy.

After some final playtime with her new Lego Duplos, it was time for bed. What a great day! And now we have all kinds of fun things to play with. And then we will set up her party so all of her friends can celebrate her birthday too.

This is one of those days where I just can' help but love life!

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