Monday, August 22, 2011

Zoey Well Well 2 Year Check-Up

We actually went to the Doctor last Friday for Zoey's 2 year well checkup, but it's been a busy weekend and I'm just now writing about it. However, it was cute enough I want to share. Even if I am the only one laughing...

Zoey with her Minnie sticker after her appointment

Now that Zoey is two and listening to directions well she is allowed to walk beside me most of the time. This was the case on the way into the doctor's office from the car. She was just sort of skipping along and then she heard the "toot toot" of a car locking and stopped in her tracks turning around. To my surprise there was our doctor strolling toward the office as well. Zoey waves fairly enthusiastically to the man she hasn't seen for 6 months. Once he turns to go into the back of the office Zoey continues toward the door.

She sat very still in the waiting room. She climbed right up into a car and nibbled on the rest of her apple breakfast. I was given a form to fill out that is basically an autism watch and I read the questions to Zoey..."Do you answer me when I speak to you?" She answers, "Mama, akldjgpoihgawnefjSdovijasm." I check yes.

It didn't take long to get called. I am thankful we try to get the earliest appointment in the day because there is hardly ever much waiting. We go to the room, Zoey followed the nurse all by herself with my trailing behind her. She was measured and weighted and she grew a lot in the past 6 months. She now weighs 26lbs and 9oz and is 35" tall. Her weight gain is right on par with her 50 percentile, but her height shot up to almost the 75 percentile. I figured she just had a growth spurt though.

Then the doctor came in. I love our pediatrician, he is so nice. Not only is he a great guy, but he has a very good way of relating to people. I like that. It makes Zoey feel very comfortable too. While we were waiting she was coloring in a book I brought for her. The doctor and I talked. He said it sounded like she was doing very well and that he could see from her coloring and her interactions with him that she was right where she needed to be.

I was also really excited that when Zoey drew an "O" and named it correctly the doctor looked a little surprised. "That's a Third Year milestone," he said. I was cheering inside.

The doctor said she checked out great. He said that Zoey is growing really well physically and intelligently.

Although there were no shots this day, she did have to have a finger prick to check her lead levels for any possible lead poisonings. I cringed a little, because though there are no lasting effects like fevers, etc, a finger prick can sometimes her more than a shot. Especially since they have to squeeze the finger to get the right amount of blood. So I prepared Zoey as best I could while we were waiting for the nurse. We have been working on the term "sharp." I told her how the nurse was going to come in a poke her finger.

Zoey is a tough kid. Even though I knew this she surprised me. She came right over to sit in front of the nurse and held out her hand. The nurse took her finger and counted, "1, 2, 3" and then poke. I was waiting for the tears, I expected her face to turn read and fill with tears. What did Zoey do? Nothing. She barely even winced. Even when the nurse pushed on her finger to get more blood she never made a peep. She had her furred eyebrows going meaning she was trying to figure out what the nurse was doing. I don't know if it was the object or her own blood that fascinated her, but she was intrigued. The nurse even asked her if she was going to be a nurse or a doctor when she grew up.

The best part is that when the nurse was done and put a bandaid on her finger she held out her other hand for the nurse to do that one too. The nurse and I both laughed.

The nurse said it would be less than five minutes to run the test so Zoey and I used our crayons to trace our hands and feet on the paper covering the bed while we waited. The test came back negative so our dirt and toys are safe with no lead and then it was time to go. Zoey picked out a Minnie sticker, which I though was perfect for her birthday weekend. Then we were off.

Zoey had a great well checkup. We (hopefully) won't be back to see the doctor for Zoey until she is three. However, I am enjoying two.

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  1. Great news! Watch out Zoey will continue to surprise you. She is wonderful and lucky to have a super mom and dad.