Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Because

After finding the "Getting Dressed" challenged, I realized that getting dressed is only one thing to get motivated. There are many things to do to get motivated, be joyful and make the day fun. As I explore these ideas I'm labeling them as "Live Laugh Love." It is an old quotation, but it is so true.

Zoey watching a movie on our portable DVD player..."Just Because."

Today I realize sometimes the way to make the most of a day is to do something "just because." As a stay-at-home mom, as well as in any profession, the days begin to blend together. It is easy to let your routine control you. I am in no way debating the necessity of a routine and I abide by one myself. But some times I feel most alive when I do something "Just Because." Like postpone nap time to play longer outside, go to the park after dinner, eat ice cream at snack time. These aren't things I would do everyday, but to make a day feel special sometimes all you need is to do something out of the ordinary "just because."

The older I get the more I realize life is all about the little moments. You can do all the BIG things that you want and those are always precious memories. But it is all the little moments that aren't planned, which make you feel special. With kids this is even more important. Kids thrive on routine, but those little moments you share the special snack, the extra storybook or even the unexpected adventure. Those are the moments that I remember most as a kid and I want to create those special memories for my daughter.

I try to do something to make the day special at least several times a week if not everyday. The idea goes beyond kids too. It's fun to surprise your husband/wife, a neighbor or a friend. The best part is, by making something small feel big and cheering up someone else's day, it makes me feel better about my day too. So do something "Just Because" and smile about it all day long!

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