Friday, November 4, 2011

Zoey Playing Mommy

I believe that us taking care of our friend's daughter and meeting their new baby yesterday had an impact on Zoey too. This morning she woke up and kept asking, "Where's the baby?" It was the cutest thing. I tried to explain that they were at their house and reminded her how we went to see them last night. She seemed to understand that fairly well.

She went and found her baby doll and tried to but her in the crib. Zoey said "baby go night night." I got our boppy out so Zoey could lay her baby in it and cover her up with a blanket. Zoey gave her baby doll a kiss on the forehead and sang her a lullaby. She talked to her baby and held the little hand, and my heart melted. She is going to make a wonderful big sister when the time comes.

Of course, Zoey is still two and the baby doll is not real so inevitably she picked the baby doll up by the feet and inadvertently banged her head on the side of the crib, but hey, the sweet moments were priceless. And it's cool she understands the idea of a baby at least a little and she definitely knows how to have fun.

Zoey Playing Mommy with her Baby doll

Giving Baby a kiss

Tucking Baby in

Singing Baby a lullaby

Playing Pat-a-cake with Baby

Cuddling with Baby in the crib

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