Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Crafts

This Christmas we have been doing lots of crafts. Zoey is old enough this year that we can do some more complicated projects. Also this year I have introduced painting with acrylics, which she LOVES. These are some of the crafts we have done this year:

We have been coloring in wooden puzzles. We use just simple markers for this one, but Zoey loves to draw and color on them. Then comes the best part, taking it apart and putting it back together. I have been very impressed with her puzzle completion skills this year. It's been a fun time watching her learn and grow.

Zoey's favorite this year is glitter. She started using this just this Christmas season. She loved putting glitter on the snowflakes to make ornaments. These are foam snowflakes I got from the store and glue glitter that you simply squeeze out the tube (less messy, if that is possible). I just punched a hole in the top and tied a ribbon to it to hang on the tree. It is easy and so much fun.

Acrylic paints are one of Zoey's favorites this year. I do a lot of wood and plaster painting so it is around often. Zoey likes this best because there are more colors and she likes using a brush. She got to paint her very own ornaments this year, very similar to the ones I paint. This is a set of six Christmas themed plaster ornaments I bought. She used the paints that came with it (in the picture) at first, but we soon used our regular acrylic paints. She had a blast with this one. I can't wait to hang these on the tree.

A good staple for us in crafting is fingerpainting. We have the large coloring pages that are super fun to color. We just finished one with markers and Zoey wanted to do the next one in finger paints. It turned out beautiful and is now hanging on our art wall. We used squeeze bottle crayola finger paints, though I think the next ones I buy will be ones out of a jar (or just make my own).

The last ornaments we did were gingerbread men. Again, these are foam cutouts I bought. Zoey really liked putting googly eyes on him and covering him with glitter. We had fun with these. I even wrote Mommy, Daddy and Zoey on three to hang on the tree. I punched holes in the top and used ribbon just like the snowflakes. 

I love all of our crafts, it makes Christmas so much fun. There almost isn't enough time to do everything I can plan. Zoey has fun getting involved and showing off what she does. And, what 2 year old doesn't love to get messy with bright paints and glitter. I love our tree full of homemade and special ornaments. It makes it a treasure to put up every year. Only 5 more days until Christmas, I love this time of year!

What crafts or traditions are you doing this year? 

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