Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day at Our House

Christmas is my most very favorite holiday. I love waking up Christmas morning and feeling the magic of family, believing and of God. I'm glad my enthusiasm for the season is rubbing off on Zoey. She had a wonderful Christmas morning. It was magical.

Zoey got several small things including a magic doodle, a monster truck, a night gown, play food and a few more. 

Santa sent her an Elf on the Shelf to start visiting us next year. She was very interested in him so that is encouraging for lots of fun next year. His name is tentatively Ralph, unless Zoey comes up with something better when he first visits next year.

But the BIG gift, the thing that Zoey has been most excited about is her new play kitchen. Zoey loves to help us cook and goes to any type or shape of kitchen while out or visiting friends and starts playing. And sure enough, she was ecstatic about her own kitchen. We unveiled it (we first covered it so she would open a few presents) and she was literally speechless. Then she gave us the biggest smile possible and started jumping up and down. I'd say we (I mean Santa) did alright.

Hope you had a great Christmas as well! Now for a Happy New Year!

Here are a few awesome pictures of our Christmas morning...

Our Christmas Tree 

Zoey loving her Christmas bear

Fun with presents

Yay play food!

The BIG Gift: A Play Kitchen!

Enjoying play cookies baked by Zoey