Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas, Signs and Cows?

We don't really do a whole lot to the outside of our house, but I like to give it a little Christmas where I can. Our lawn decorations were made by my parents and given to us the first year we owned our house. It was an awesome present and I proudly display them. 

This year is particularly fun because Zoey loves to be a part of every process. This year after we got the tree up and decorated she supervised Stephen while he put up the signs in the yard. She will now go behind each sign and say "bam bam" and motion like she is hammering it in the ground.

Zoey enjoys to name things now. She went up to each sign and gave it a name, "Ho Ho" to the Santa Claus, "baby" to the elf and "Snowman" to the snowman. Snowman is one word that she has down this Christmas. She is now starting to say "Christmas" which is actually really cute. The one that gets me is that she calls the reindeer "cows." When we went into the house later this afternoon, she said "bye cows, see you soon." I tried to tell her they were reindeer, but she was convinced--"cows."

Zoey enjoyed riding the reindeer (I mean cow). She thought it was the funniest thing to get on it and say "go!" 

When the reindeer (I mean cow) didn't take off with her riding it, she decided to get in the sleigh and direct. I called her Santa Zoey and her response was "Ho Ho!" Perfect. Zoey really is enjoying the holidays this year. She is able to understand more of the symbols, the tradition and of course the gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone! Only 6 days left!

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