Sunday, December 18, 2011

Duggar Tribute to Jubilee Shalom

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Duggar family and this time of loss. A miscarriage is a hard thing no matter how early or late it is. It doesn't matter if it is your first child or your twentieth, the pain is real. There are so many emotions all happening at once, I remember.

There are many opinions of the Duggar family, their choices, their beliefs and their 19 children. My opinion happens to be a positive one. I wouldn't exactly make the same choices they do, but I respect them for the passion behind their decisions. I admire their love for God, their family bonds and their attitude about debt, children and love.

I saw this letter Michelle read to her unborn child during the tribute for Jubilee and it brought me to tears. They are the words I felt like I never had when we lost our child due to a miscarriage earlier this year.  [Listen to it thanks to A Wise Woman Builds Her Home]

This is an article from New York Daily News about the tribute they held for Jubilee. According to the vote the public seemed about 50-50 whether it was touching or offensive. I think the biggest concern was for the photo they showed. I saw no pictures that were in the least bit disturbing, only how the baby connected with Michelle (baby's hands and feet). My opinion on this is probably skewed since I have had a miscarriage. I envy the fact they were able to meet their little one. My miscarriage wasn't as far along so I never got to see my baby's hands and feet. I also think the tribute as a whole was a beautiful idea. What a wonderful way to find closure and celebrate life. [Read the article thanks to NY Daily News]

I've read many other articles some uplifting and some not so. I feel for them because they are dealing with such a personal event on a national level.

Their own blog is beautiful and there is more about baby Jubilee on there too. [Duggar Family Blog]

My heart pours out for this family. God Bless you Duggars.

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