Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve!

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I'm so excited! I love Christmas and the anticipation of it makes it that much more wonderful.

Today we are preparing. Wrapping the last few presents, making sure there is plenty of room to sit by the tree and open presents, making brownies (Daddy assured Zoey that Santa would prefer brownies this year ;) and letting Zoey know that Santa will be coming tonight.

I remember when I was a little girl, I loved the feeling of Christmas morning. I would be so excited the night before that I couldn't sleep. I would sit in my room and think about the magic of it all. I mean, I was a kid so I was super excited for all the presents that were hopefully under the tree, but it was more a fascination of the whole event. I realize now that I'm older that the anticipation of Christmas morning was what it was really all about. I also love the anticipation of unwrapping the presents under the tree, and anticipating other's reaction to their presents too. It was all so wonderful. And it still is.

All the giddy excitement I had for myself when I was a kid I know have at least as intense for Zoey Christmas morning.

There is so much to do today, but I feel like I'm singing the whole time. And tonight after Zoey goes to bed, Stephen and I get the tedious task of putting together her new play kitchen. If all goes well (or otherwise) I should have some fun tales to regale soon.

I can't get over how excited I am. I think this year is the first year Zoey is really old enough to get into the Christmas traditions, so I'm looking forward even more to see her reaction in the morning. I think I've been bouncing a little all day. Stephen just laughs at me (because I'm the same every year so he just goes with it) and Zoey is feeding on the energy which makes it that much more fun.

Merry Christmas to you. And Happy Holidays too! If you are home or away, with many or a few. I wish you the best day ever!

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  1. I want a play kitchen! I think they look like so much fun! My Dad used to take gigantic cardboard boxes and make a kitchen or house out of them. He is an artist, so everything was pretty nicely done. Now you can buy houses like the ones he made.

    I hope you got it together ok! Santa is so much fun!