Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I've never really been a huge fan of New Year's resolutions. And I've never been very good at keeping ones that I do make. But this year feels different somehow. (Though don't we say that every year?)

This year my mind is prepared to go into the new year with an attitude for change. I'm going to take advantage of it and make my resolutions. But more importantly, I'm going to make a plan.

I really have only two resolutions:

#1: To organize the house.

This is as easy and as hard as it sounds. Our house tends to get piles of things just lying around. My goal is to have a place for everything so when I clean those piles (more often) I can put things in a place instead of in another pile. I want to accomplish this throughout the house with a variety of things.

I don't plan on this being a weekend event, I plan on this being a year long event. I'd love to do it in a couple weekends, but I realize before I even start that time, money and patience are going to stretch thin.  Thus, to make the project achievable I'm going to spread it out. My goal is to get done one room every month. I figure that is doable. During that month I will plan the room, buy any storage tools needed and organize the room.

I am going to start with my craft space in the dinning room. I'm actually really excited about this one. I need a way to keep my crafts so a. they are separated and easy to access and b. so Zoey doesn't feel the need to touch and move my craft supplies.

I want to make a separate area for Zoey crafts and my scrapbooking/sewing projects. My problem now is that some things are too much in the open and others are too hard to get to. So, I want it all put away, nice, neat and manageable. That shouldn't be too hard, right?

I found some pictures from Pinterest that illustrate what I'm going for:

Thanks to: Life in the Motherhood
#1: This is pretty much what I have now, several tall storage boxes with a bunch of things on top. However, this picture looks a lot better than what mine actually looks like. The idea of this is great, but after many years my plastic shelving is getting worn out, one of them is even leaning. And with the pull out drawers with colorful contents, my two year old loves to dig through all the goodies. Now matter what I do to dissuade her she will gladly take the punishment to investigate the stamp drawer. So I need a new plan. And some updated storage shelves.
Thanks to: Creating a House of Grace
#2: This is my original plan, to get closed-lid boxes and label individual craft supplies in them. I still like this idea. It was organize my supplies more than they are now and would help deter small hands from investigating. I have a baker's rack almost empty that I could put them on for now.

Thanks to: katiescrapbooklady

#3: I like this idea too. Those closed-lid boxes at the bottom are wonderful. I have several of them for scrapbooking projects that work great. And with the lids, Zoey doesn't often investigate those even though they are right beside the other ones. So this is a nice option, especially those containers on top. But I would want everything closed. This would be good when kids get older for their art supplies (which is what this picture mostly contains). I also like the drop down drawers for construction papers.

Thanks to: Polish the Stars

#4: This one appeals to me because it would be nice to use the wall space behind my craft table. The whole wall is free (except for random Zoey art and comic strips). It would be great to use the space better so things would be organized and have more room. My concern with this is Zoey can get very high very quietly so I don't think these would stay on the wall long in my house.

Thanks to: HGTV

#5: Now this, this is what I would love for my craft space to look like. Oh to dream... There are many things in the photo that won't work for me right now (like the scissors and pens free on the desk), but Zoey won't be small forever and this space is simply beautiful. 

After I finish my craft space the kitchen, Zoey's room, our bedroom, the spare room and well, every room really is on the list. Some are going to be more involved than others, but I secretly love organizing things so it should be fun.

My second resolution:
#2: To read and write everyday:

That shouldn't be hard considering all the forms of each of these I do all the time. But I find myself feeling unmotivated and the easiest way to deter that is to be creative and keep my mind flowing. 

Some of the ways I accomplish this are:

#1: Read the Bible. 
This is one of my favorite books to read because no matter how many times you read a passage or a story, there is always something new to learn. Also, with an open mind God can show you many wonderful things about your past, present and future. I am currently on a plan to read the bible in 90 days. I'll talk more about it later, but it is a powerful journey that I am excited to be on.

#2: Write in my Prayer Journal.
I love to keep track of events and ideas to ponder. So in my journaling over the years I have had many forms of prayer journals. The one I have now is a simple bound journal where I very straightforward write the date and my direct prayer (with a little background so I understand later). I don't only write requests, but also blessings, thanksgivings, sometimes dreams or words that God tells me. It is very powerful to look back and see how your prayers are answered. Sometimes you don't even connect the answer to the question because God often works in ways that we don't expect.

#3: Reading Fiction.
I love to escape into a book. There is nothing as free as being caught up in a story about a fantasy land or intriguing characters. I feel refreshed and inspired by the stories I read. Taking time to read other's imagination is rewarding and fun.

#4: Journaling.
This is a new on that I've started. I love to express my emotions and write out memories in a more free form that scrapbooking (which is essentially creative cataloging.) This allows my mind to open and create and record scripture, quotes, feelings, photos and whatever else flows from my mind to my hand. Here are a couple of examples of the journaling I mean (thank you again Pinterest.)

Thanks to: Lil Blue Boo

Thanks to: Pinterest User

#5: Writing (my novel):
Yes, I'm still writing that novel. Since my "NaNoWriMo" I haven't written on it much with the holiday plans, but I intend to get back on it with the new year. As much fun as it is to read about wonderful lives and places, it is more fun to create them yourself. Writing novels, short stories, poetry or just writing about your day makes for a relaxing and interesting adventure of your own making.

#6: Reading Non-Fiction:
It's always great to learn about new things. Reading non-fiction is a way to keep my intellect sharp and absorb new information about things I love.

#7: Scrapbooking: 
I put this one here because it is in the same category for me. Although, scrapbooking and sewing are usually my creative outlets after writing, journaling and reading I still want to continue to scrapbook our adventures and record our memories.

These are my two BIG New Year's resolutions. Sure there are more. I would love to lose weight, and eat healthier and excercise and ...
but, I have come to understand that if my mind and soul are in order and stimulated daily then all the other things fall into place. I move more if I feel creative. I eat less if I feel happy. I am more active if my mind is stimulated. So I am going to focus on my soul and keep the other things in the back of my mind to encourage. I have faith it will all fall in place.

One more thing I want to add here, mostly for my benefit is to make a more structure learning environment for Zoey this year. Next August, Zoey will be three and we will be doing more "homeschool kindergarden" activities. These past two years Zoey has learned a lot, but it's been with whatever we had (learning to count with stuffed animals, learning colors with blocks, etc.) But now that she is older I want to bring ideas to her that we don't always see on a daily basis like time and the weather. I'm excited about doing activities with her and helping her to love learning like I do. I want a learning center with some pre-planned activites. Just something else on the list. 

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Do you think they are silly like I have in the past or do you plan them out and accomplish them? What ever you do I wish you the best of luck and many blessings.

Happy New Year!


  1. Those are great resolutions! One of mine is too get organized too.

  2. I don't have any "resolutions" yet, although it would be wonderful to get my house in order. I think I'd like to eat more veggies, eat less sugar and exercise more. But those aren't real resolutions. Love the pictures you chose of the organized spaces. We're building an addition right now and I love that last craft room as an inspiration for mine. :)