Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O Christmas Tree

We now have a beautiful Christmas tree decorated in our living room. It is one of my favorite parts of the holiday and I think Zoey agrees. She loved picking out the tree and decorating it. I'm glad we can share these Christmas traditions with her.

Step One was to find the perfect tree. I think we accomplished that easily enough. Then came the harder part. Getting it ready for the stand. Stephen was smart about this and get it ready outside so the pine needles fell harmlessly to the ground instead on in the carpet. Zoey was right there helping Stephen tighten the screws that hold the tree and making sure it was straight. She was so cute...Daddy's little shadow.

Zoey is such a Daddy's girl, which reminds me of how I was with my Daddy when I was a little girl. I was also a Daddy's girl, through and through. Zoey is always one step behind Stephen waiting for a chance to lend a hand and learn something new. I did that with my Dad all the time and learned so much, I owe much of my useful life knowledge to watching and helping my Dad. I'm glad Stephen is so patient with Zoey so she has the same opportunities to learn and grow. 

We got the tree in and Zoey was immediately ready to decorate. We had to wait a couple days before doing this, but she was still very excited once the time came. I love this picture of Stephen and Zoey with the lights. Daddy's little girl is helping again, which I just love. They didn't exactly fight with the lights, but it didn't go as smoothly as it could either. I was taking pictures and staying out of the way while trying not to laugh. Zoey loved when we got the lights on and the whole tree lit up. Even now the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is run to the tree and wait to see it light up.

Now the real decorating starts. This is where I stepped in and gave Stephen a break. Zoey got the bottom half of the tree all to herself, which she loved. Honestly I think it changes at least once or twice a day. She just loves hanging and rearranging all of the ornaments. The ones for her are the wooden ones and others that she made. So they are all fair game for her to mess around with. I handled the top half of the tree where I hung our family ornaments and other ones that we have made throughout the years. We don't have any glass balls or really breakable ones, though the plaster ones will crack they don't actually shatter (usually). 

Anyway, the tree it up and I love it. On it you can live through many years with each ornament. We don't have any up there that don't mean something, we made or are long time favorites. I love our home decorated Christmas tree. It isn't ever going to be in Southern Living, but it is special to us and that's all that matters to me. I hope Zoey can grow up to be proud of our tree and our history just as I have.

I hope you have a wonderful time spending this time of year with family and friends no matter what your beliefs. As for me, I'm going to say Merry Christmas to All and to All and Good Holiday!

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