Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pinterest Ideas to Do

I am completely addicted to Pinterest. I can't deny that it makes me feel crafty and creative. I also find some great ideas and recipes that I want to try. Here are a few that I have found in the past couple weeks that I want to actually do. I figure if I share them here, maybe I will complete them.

#1: Homemade Laundry

Thanks to:
I Can Teach My Child
This is one I have always wanted to try. Jenae at "I can teach my child" has a simple recipe for the detergent and great instructions on how to make it. It actually looks like fun and a HUGE money saver when it comes to detergent. And it even works in a "HE" machine.

#2: Homemade Mod Podge

Thanks to:
Babblings and More
I went to the store to get Mod Podge for a journaling project and audibly gasped at the price--$8.99 for a 16oz jar. I'm not sure it really surprised me, but still, it's basically just glue. Even with my coupon, it would be worth it, but still expensive. Then I remembered a project when I was a kid that I am almost positive we made Mod Podge. And what would you know, there is a homemade recipe on Pinterest. I love Pinterest. The secret: it is 50% glue and 50% water. There is so much more about it from Bridget at "Babblings and More." Now I definitely need to do this.

#3 Homemade Dog Biscuits 

Thanks to:
Brown Eyed Baker
This is another money saving idea. Dog treats are so expensive. I like this homemade version, even just the idea of making homemade dog treats. This recipe from "Brown Eyed Baker" is simple and would be good, but I don't know how much Eli likes peanut butter. Probably a lot, but I also thought of mixing in wet beef dog food with a breaded treat. Either way, I could make a lot for very cheap.

 #4 Fabric Covered Corkboards

Thanks to:
Better Homes and Gardens
I love this idea! I have a very good corkboard, but through years of use it has become full of big holes and gritty. I could just trash it and buy a new one, but I hate throwing away perfectly usable items. So this is perfect. I can take some extra fabric that is pretty and gentle and cover it and presto a fresh corkboard that will look great in my new craft area.

#5 Kid's Busy Wallet

Thanks to:
Acts of Grace

This one is perfect for keeping Zoey busy when we are out an about since her favorite pass time while stuck in a cart is to take everything out of my purse and if I don't catch her, go through my wallet. So this idea from "Acts of Grace" is to take an old/unused wallet and fill it with old cards, pictures and small notepads to keep kids occupied while at a restaurant or while at the store. 

These are some fun Pinterest ideas I've come across. What have you come across on your Pinteresting adventures? Or have you not tried it? It is a wonderful crafting and idea Website.


  1. Ive really wanted to try the laundry soap too. I just cant seem to find the motivation to do it lol.

  2. My sister makes detergent and wipes. I should!

    I do make Mod Podge with out knowing. I tell my students to mix water and glue for a project they have to do for me. They have to paint the watered down glue on.

    My kids have a busy wallet, but it doesn't look like that. It has play money, fake credit cards and Hot Wheel cards in it.

    I haven't gotten into Pinterest yet. Maybe I should.