Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So what happened was (dot, dot, dot)

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My period button no longer works on my netbook and it stinks

Of all the buttons on a keyboard to go, why the period? So I can't end my sentences they just keep going and going and going, well you get the picture 

And the worse part is more buttons are starting to stick It's not like I can just replace a netbook keyboard Sure I can get other keyboards to go along with it, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having a nice little computer to use whenever and where ever I want

So what happened was (dot, dot, dot)

I was checking facebook and such on my netbook this morning, like I often do Zoey was on the other side of the couch watching a cartoon She came over to get a drink off my table and bumped me and spilled in on my netbook, lap and the blanket I was using It wasn't that much liquid, but it hit just the right place I immediately got up and wiped it off and at first it seemed to be fine But then over halfway through my last post the period button just stopped working, if you look there are no periods towards the end It really stinks I mean look at this huge run on sentence because my period button is broken 

I'm trying to laugh it off, but honestly I'm really annoyed It limits what you can do so much without a period button 

It's amazing how something that happens so fast affects you so much afterward This is a silly one all things considering, but it is sort of scary how true that statement is

So I'm not really sure what to do, nothing really I guess if you see posts with no periods you will know what happened at least I guess I'll have to write or at least go back and edit on another computer 

Thankfully, I have an awesome computer savvy hubby who can try and fix it, I hope he can 

We'll I think that's as much as I can ramble on about this one
good night

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