Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What A Day!

And it isn't even halfway over with yet!

It's probably important to note that I have been really sick for the past few days. Even today I'm only running on about 90% and that being gracious. At least I don't have a fever or enflamed throat anymore. Now I just have the normal sore throat and congestion mess. It feels okay as long as I stay medicated.

Since I've been feeling under the weather for the past few days, Zoey has decided that Mommy has been sick long enough. She has actually done really well this week about listening, playing by herself more than usual and not getting into to too much mischief. However, today, I think she's had enough because it started with mischief and it hasn't stopped. Thank goodness for nap time, I'm already worn out.

Other than being sick and still trying to keep up with a two year old, I've had a couple other things on my mind today.

The first one is that sometimes it is easier to clean up a mess and actually get something done than be picky about what she gets into. Today's example is doing the dishes. Zoey does really good at first about semi-helping. She likes to rinse dishes and put them up to dry. However, when she rinses glasses she likes to let the fill up with water and play. So at a point I either have to get on her about splashing water everywhere or just wait and clean up the mess. Today's choice was clean up the mess because I really wanted to be done with this chore. So Zoey pretend gave her toy monkey a bath in a bowl and I actually got to finish washing the dishes. We then cleaned up the extra water together.

I had a couple other things on my mind, but I'm going to be honest...I forgot. Between being sick and tired, I'm impressed I remember lunch time and my own name. If I remember my other thought I will pass it on. Until then, I'm going to go get some rest while I can.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon!!! It no fun being a sick mommy.