Friday, January 27, 2012

Zoey's Bedtime Snack

Last night we tucked Zoey into bed, just like any other night. We spent some time in our room with the door closed, but when we came out we noticed something out of place. The refridgerator door was beeping because it had been open too long and there was a chair in front of it.

Interesting...Zoey had been here.

It was fairly common at this point since she has learned how to open the fridge to put a chair in front of it so she can reach objects she wants. She is learning the rules of the fridge. It seems the most important one to learn now is to close it when she is finished. But she will get apples, other fruit, a juice box, a hotdog or cheese out fairly commonly. Like I said, she is learning the rules.

Anyway. So last night we couldn't figure out what she took. I figured it was probably just an apple and didn't really worry about it.

A few minutes later we hear a small voice from the hallway, "Mommy? Mommy, help."

I go to see what she is up to and she holds out half a grapefruit (the second half from breakfast) and a spoon. I laugh a little and take the remains of her bedtime snack.

Then she holds out her hands and says, "sticky." I get her a wet washcloth to wipe her hands off. When she finishes she hands the washcloth back to me.

I say, "Goodnight Zoey" and blow her a kiss.

She blows on back. "Night night, Mommy. I love you, too."

"I love you, Zoey."

She walks back into her bedroom and closes the door. We don't hear another peep out of her all night. Except for some play sounds that are also very familiar.

I was amazed by this transaction at bedtime. Zoey has a habit of stalling bedtime, like I'm sure most kids do, but this was really sweet. I don't really encourage the action of going out the the fridge at night, at least at two. But I can't be aggravated with her in the least.

My little girl is growing up. She is getting wants and desires. And she is intelligent enough and sly enough to make it to the kitchen get a snack and a spoon and back in her room without us hearing her. If she hadn't left the fridge open we wouldn't have even known she was out of her room.

She is one crafty little girl. And I'm proud of that.

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