Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For the Love of Dinosaurs

Zoey has fallen in love with dinosaurs. I think it is so cute. I never really got into dinosaurs very much as a kid, but Stephen did and he is very excited about her interest. I know know all the names of the dinosaurs now, but I have a feeling if this love lasts any time at all I will learn them all.

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It all started when Zoey found this Bob the Builder show on Netflix called "The Big Dino Dig." From that movie she learned the word "dinosaur" (which she can say very clearly actually) and then the interest grew. She started pointing out dinosaurs on tv and in books. She even started asking about them.

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I decided to share one of my favorite movies from my childhood, "The Land Before Time" with her. This was the most I was ever into dinosaurs. But it was more my best childhood friend and I falling in love with the characters. Turns out, Zoey loves "The Land Before Time" too! We've watched it several times this past week or so.

All Zoey's dinosaurs come to say "cheese"

We were visiting my mom a couple weeks ago ad we went into a toy store and found some awesome toy dinosaurs. There are five of them and she loves them. They quickly became her favorite toy. Now they talk to her cars and sleep in the toy house with her little people. The five dinosaurs fit in well with the toys in Zoey's world.

The Dinosaurs splash in to tub with Zoey

Zoey takes them in the bath with her. One day she was playing with them and watching "The Land Before Time" at the same time. It is really cute watching her make up stories for the dinosaurs and her other toys to play out.

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The newest show we've found with dinosaurs is Dinosaur Train on PBS. After watching a couple episodes, I actually really like it. There is so much accurate and interesting information about dinosaurs that I am learning things. They use the real names and even some scientific language. I like shows that don't dumb down the content.

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We've been having lots of fun playing with and learning about dinosaurs. I am learning a lot too. I hope to get Zoey some kind of illustrated Dinosaur encyclopedia or story book to delve even deeper. It's lots of fun watching Zoey grow and becoming interested in her own adventures.


  1. the dinosaurs are so cute and so is she..

  2. For only being six months old, Connor loves the colors on the dinosaur train. He really gets into it and I must say that I do too! lol