Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Zeus

We actually got Zeus a few weeks ago, but life has been crazy since then and I haven't properly introduced him on this blog.

Zeus is a lab mix. We got him at 9 weeks. He was born to an older dog and was the only puppy to survive from his litter. That makes him very special to us and to his previous owner.

He is a very good puppy, naturally curious, quick to learn and very ready to play.

Zoey loves her "baby puppy" and plays with him well.

Eli and Zeus quickly became a pack. Eli needed a friend as much as Zoey did and they have all been getting along great. Eli helps Zeus learn to fight and play. Even Zoey is learning to command and take care of the puppy.

It is so much fun to grow and learn together. Having pets is a wonderful learning experience for Zoey and us all.

Zeus, welcome to the family!

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