Thursday, April 19, 2012

Preschool Days

I am beginning a homeschool preschool with Zoey. She is already understanding and learning so much, I want to challenge her in fun ways so she enjoys learning all kinds of new things.

I will update on it periodically to keep track of what we are learning and Zoey's progress.

So far, Zoey already knows her alphabet, her numbers 1-12 and her shapes. We are working on colors and writing. I am also including bible stories into the curriculum. As well as puzzles, and other useful life knowledge.

She is having a blast learning, coloring, crafting and playing. I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home with Zoey and teach her during these fundamental learning years.

Day 1: (First Week) 

I used coloring sheets to help visualize the Creation story in the bible. We learned days 1-3: how God created light and darkness, separated the waters and the sky and separated the water from land.

Zoey enjoyed drawing and creating her own adventures.


Zoey loves to cut. She is fine-tuning it, but she is getting the basic skill down. She is beginning to use one hand to control the scissors. I figure she will do better and better as she gets strength built up in her hand. 

Zoey enjoyed writing her name. She can already say it and spell it. She got the "o" and the "y" very well. The "e" became for of an "o" and the "z" was colored in. I am exciting that she finds this exercise enjoyable, especially since she realizes that it is her name.

Zoey loves glue. The project was to put the sun, moon and stars onto the paper with the quote "God made the Sun, Moon and Stars."

I was actually pretty impressed with her creativity when she turned the pieces into a smiley face.

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