Monday, April 9, 2012

We Will Miss You Creampuff

Our kitty, Creampuff passed away last week. It is very sad to lose her so suddenly. It was a freak accident. She caught her neck just right as she fell and snapped it. At least it was instantaneous and she did not suffer.

Creampuff was a very sweet cat. She loved to be loved. Zoey loved her because they would play and explore together. She will be missed.

Creampuff is actually the first pet I have lost. I've known other pets that have died, but none that were mine. I didn't really grow up with animals, so I have no real experience in the loss of furry friends. Zoey is still too young to really understand.

I have a lot of emotions about losing Creampuff. I am really sad because she was so sweet and definitely Zoey's cat. Ever since Zoey was born Creampuff has been all about the baby.

Zoey learned a lot from Creampuff, including how to treat animals, kitty sounds, body parts, and how to adventure outside.

It feels like she is just out on a big adventure and hasn't come home yet. Then again, I suppose she is in a way. She is one a new adventure.

We will miss you Creampuff. You were a wonderful kitty.

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