Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Friday, I Have a Good Feeling

Dear Friday,
I have a good feeling in my heart. I have a good feeling about this pregnancy, I have a good feeling about my family and I have a good feeling about all of our adventures this summer and fall. I simple have a good feeling and it makes my heart glad. 

Dear Zoey, 
I love how you make me laugh. I am trying so hard to stay constantly positive and in good spirits lately and you have helped me more than you can imagine. You challenge me in ways I did not even know possible, but you are a light in my life and I love you.

Dear Baby in my Belly,
I am so glad that you are here with me! I hope that I can carry you full term and hold you in my arms. I can't wait to see you and not be able to remember our family without you. I pray you are healthy, intelligent and strong. I have a good feeling about you. You are going to be a Blessing to many!

Dear Stephen, 
Thank you for loving us so much! I also thank you that you have enormous amounts of patience when Zoey wants to help you fix things. You let her touch and use the tools and look over your shoulder. She is learning so much and it makes my heart happy to watch the two of you together. 

Dear Zeus,
You can sometimes drive me crazy, like when you chew through the lawn mower cord or dig around in my garden, but I am so happy that Zoey has someone to play with. You make her laugh in a way I can not. There is a very special bond between a kid and her puppy. I hope you both grow up loving to hang out together. And I hope you stop chewing on stuff so much, but we are working on it, and you are still a puppy.

Dear Pool,
Thank you for being so refreshing and warm. Zoey had a great time swimming yesterday and so did I. It was great to talk to friends and swim laps. I love pool exercise because it is low impact, but you feel like you worked out so much.

Dear Little People,
You were a huge part of my childhood. I loved playing with Little People. In this generation, they look a little different, but the enjoyment of playing with them for hours is still the same. I am so glad Zoey gets a chance to enjoy this little boost of imagination like I did as a kid.

You are awesome when I need to find a new yummy dish to cook. This week it was to make white (shrimp) sauce to go with my pork fried rice and stir fry. It was pretty good, definitely just the addition to make the meal outstanding. (I'll post the recipe soon!)

Dear Dora cards,
You have been an amazing tool to teach Zoey how to sort, count, deal and even begin to play some fun games. I love being able to use random toys, crafts and even a fun deck of cards to teach Zoey new things. I am actually impressed that she now knows all the character's names. Of course, Boots is her favorite because he is a monkey. At least that is what she told me.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for reading my little blog. I tend to pour my heart out and I appreciate the feedback and support you give me. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as this baby develops and our family grows. Thank you for letting me write and get all of my thoughts and emotions out of myself. 

God Bless You!

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  1. Congrats on the pregnancy!!!

    My oldest loved the Little People. I knew them by name, that's how much he loved them. My youngest, not so much.