Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Tradition

For the last three years (the three years Zoey has been around for us to celebrate Father's day) we have gone to the South Carolina Aquarium. It works out perfectly. Daddies get in free and we get to experience something awesome right in our hometown.

Zoey and Daddy watch the Manta Rays
I love that this is a yearly adventure because we are able to measure, relatively, how much Zoey has grown in a year. It is always so interesting to see  what she will find interesting and what she wants to learn about each year.
Watch out for Shark Girl Zoey!
This has been the first year Zoey has really anticipated going to the aquarium. I kept asking if she was ready to go see the big fishes. Her answer, every time, was "and the turtles, Mommy." Yes, of course, how could I forget the turtles? They are one of her favorite things right now.

Zoey excited to see fish as big as her
Zoey had a great time at the aquarium. Stephen and I had a wonderful time seeing all the wonders through her eyes. Zoey very much wanted to take the lead this year and we let her. She went from fish to otters to owls to turtles to more fish like a whirlwind.

Zoey counting the starfish's legs
I was surprised when she stopped in front of the albino alligator exhibit where a lady was speaking about the alligators. Zoey wanted to go listen and she did. She sat up front with the other kids and listened to the entire lesson. I was so proud of her, that was quite an accomplishment for a not even three year old. She even stood in line for her turn to pet the baby alligator.

Zoey listening to the alligator lesson
I love how much Zoey loves learning. We've been doing preschool at home, which seems to help her attention span, a little at least But her innate curiosity is all hers and I love it. She rarely asks a blanket "why?" Instead, she will ask, "Why does the alligator have his head out of the water" or "Why does the snake lose his skin?" She really has an understanding beyond her years. We are constantly trying to fuel it and challenge her in fun ways.

Crab Boat Captain Zoey
We had a great Father's Day adventure at the aquarium this year. Besides petting the alligator, Zoey also saw a diver in the deep sea tank, counted the legs of a starfish, saw many turtles and played on a replica crab boat. We had a great time, but like all great adventures it had to come to an end. We were tired after a very exciting day, but it turned out to be a wonderful Father's Day!

Do you have any special traditions that you do every year? Did you do anything special for Father's Day? I'd love to hear about all of your adventures!

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  1. That's a great tradition!

    We usually go someplace nice for brunch. Then I started making my Dad a pie to take over.