Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Spells

By Sarah Addison Allen

I am in love with Allen's magical world. "Garden Spells" is the second novel I've read by her and it is fantastic!

The characters in "Garden Spells" are real and honest. They have strengths, weaknesses and secrets just like anyone I know. Claire and Sydney are sisters who never really acted like sisters until Sydney comes back in town from a decade on the road. Claire needs a kick start to begin really experiencing life.

Of course there is love, romance and mystery to Allen's novels, but the part I like best is the magic. There is just an air of supernatural to liven up an already fantastic story. In "Garden Spells" the magic is in a garden containing herbs and flowers that when prepared correctly can affect how people feel.

There really is magic in Allen's writing as she creates a world where anything can happen. I give "Garden Spells" five out of five stars and will recommend it for anyone to read. It is fun, easy to read and all around a delightful novel.

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