Monday, June 18, 2012

Mesmerized By The Beach

We live at the beach and especially this year have found ourselves going almost every weekend. There is something so special, so majestic about the beach. Zoey, being almost three now, loves the ocean and is very independent (with us right beside her of course) among the waves. She is even learning to swim in the ocean. I tell her if you can learn to swim in the ocean, you can swim anywhere.

What amazes me most about the beach is that we can go almost every weekend all summer and it will never be the same twice. We go one week and it is overcast with really high winds, we go another and there are so many people you can barely get two feet of beach, another day we go and the riptide is bad or perhaps we just go with different people. However, most days when we go there is at least one thing wonderful that happens.

One weekend Zoey saw a baby shark that someone had caught and she talked about it that entire week. The week we went and she could swim in the water was a definite favorite. Last weekend she saw not one, but three crabs and chased seagulls. This weekend there was a huge wade pool because of how the waves were coming in. We sat in the surf, talked together and watched little fishes nibble our toes.

It is always an adventure to go to the beach. No matter what we do or see we have fun as a family and take in God's beauty. I prayed a special prayer of thanksgiving today for allowing us to be a part of his wonder. I am very blessed to have such an amazing family and a daughter who loves the beach as much as I do.

Are there ways that you connect with God through nature? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. We go hiking! We love the beach too, but are much closer (think 5 minute walk) to some of the most beautiful farms and hillside around.

    Love praising God in the nature He created, we just feel so much closer to Him!

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading about your beach day. I surfed on in from misc. monday list and so glad I did!

    I'm going to become a follower as I'd love to read more about your day to day doodlings :)

    Patty from

  2. I do love hiking! I grew up in the foothills, so that is what I did when I was younger. It is very special for me to be able to view the beach in the same light. Of course, now I dream of heading for the mountains to get away, haha. It is so good to get outside in nature and praise God for his beauty. Thanks for stopping by. You have a beautiful site as well!