Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinterest: Teacher workstation, BLT roll ups and more!

I am addicted to Pinterest. I like to post a collection of my favorite Pinteresting things so I can remember to smile and maybe even actually create some of the awesome things I find on the Site all the time.

Here are a few Pinteresting things from this week...

1. Teacher Workstation

One Extra Degree
I am beginning, in earnest, preschool homeschool for Zoey this fall. I have been working on gathering materials and creating an organized space so I know where everything is. This website has some great ideas for organizing a  classroom, which I can alter to fit our home environment. 

2. BLT Roll ups

Recipe Kitchen
This is a simple recipe that looks delicious. I do a similar appetizer that includes cream cheese and ham among other spices that is a big hit. This is a slightly different option that I believe would be wonderful. I'm also looking for small menu items for Zoey's party in August and this might just be perfect for the occasion.

3. Family Photo Wreath

The Crafting Chicks
This is an awesome gift idea. I do mostly photo gifts for our family for holidays, birthdays, etc. This is offered as a Valentine's Day gift, but I think it would make a lovely Christmas gift as well. In fact, I already have a couple ideas to make it personal to give to Grandparents.

4. Imagination

Writer's Block
I love this piece of art because it is often how I feel. My mind is often embellishing and creating art, usually through words or photography. I love to dream in color and see the world for its incredible beauty. This artist captured a great idea that I can absolutely relate to. 

5. Homemade Water Sprinkler

When the Dinner Bell Rings
It is unbelievably hot this week, so I was really excited to find this particular idea. This is a great, cheap way to stay cool this summer. I think I would enjoy this as much as Zoey or the dogs in this heat. We would have a blast running under the water. We could even put it under Zoey's little splash pool to fill it and not waste the water and play longer.

I hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend. 

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  1. Those roll-ups made me HUNGRY!!! I like that sprinkler idea as well!