Friday, June 15, 2012

Take a Deep Breath. Friday Faves.

It is Friday, one of my favorite days, but it has been a long and rather tiring week. I am taking this moment to take a deep breath...

Now let it out...

One more time, deep breath in...

And let all the restless energy out.

No I'm not practicing for a doctor's visit, but it is a relaxing exercise. I am ready to put the long week behind me and focus on the upcoming awesome weekend! We have all kinds of fun things planned this weekend  and of course it is Father's Day on Sunday!

I can't get to ahead of myself, it is still Friday. I am using this moment to look at moments in the past couple weeks that made me smile.

Zoey is my little artist. She got these animals from a friend to paint and she had a blast. The picture I have of them finished doesn't have her in it, but she did a number on them. I like this picture because you see the intensity in her eyes and can see how much she really enjoys painting.

Zoey loves to help me in the kitchen. I made her this apron so she has one like I do, but it is still really big on her, so she rarely wears it. I was able to snap a picture on this day though. I was really excited to  finally get a decent picture of her it it.

This is a picture of us waiting for Daddy to get home so we could go out to dinner. Zoey found the pez in my purse and though she wasn't allowed to eat it because we were about to have dinner she very excited nonetheless. The jacket was her fashion choice, even though it is at least 80 degrees out. I don't question it, clothes are not a battle I fight often. She of course got hot and took it off eventually. I just love this picture because it isn't often I get a good photo of her face. 

Zoey loves helping me in the kitchen. By the number of pictures we have of us in the kitchen together you see how often she does. My Mom was so patient with me in the kitchen and taught me how to cook from a very young age. I think that is why the kitchen is the one place where I am almost always patient and a constant instructor. Zoey has discovered early on that the fun part of cooking is tasting everything, especially when it comes to liking the beaters and spoons. 

Though long, it has been a good week. If nothing else, I should sleep well tonight. Happy Friday to all!

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  1. Amanda, your daughter is adorable! I love her little apron. I have to practice taking deep breaths too!