Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Sound Does A Telephone Make?

Zoey and I were playing with a couple old cell phones in her room today. It was quite simple, she would pick up the phone, call me, talk and then hang up. I am actually quite impressed with how intuitively kids understand the concept of the telephone.

Then it was my turn to pick up the phone and "call" her. I dial seven buttons and then call "ring ring...ring ring" because that is the sound a telephone, right? Apparently not anymore. Zoey looked at me like I had five heads.

When I was a kid, we were lucky to have more than one telephone in the whole house and it made a "ring--bring" sound. I got thinking...telephones don't sound like that anymore. Now every person has a phone on them at all times (generally speaking) in which you only have to hit one button to call a person and they make all kinds of fun musical sounds or even play songs when the phone rings. No wonder Zoey looked at me weird when I made a phone go "ring ring."

I suddenly feel very old. It is amazing how fast the technology changes.

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