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Woman at the Well

I am continuing with Chapter One of “Beautiful Battle” by Mary DeMuth. My first entry from Chapter One is called “Beautiful Battle” which gives an intro into the series and explains my “gaping hole,” my spiritual shortcomings if you will. This is the beginning of a journey into the realm of Spiritual Warfare. I am partnering with “Joyful Mothering” in which we are completing one chapter a week in a joint devotional connected with DeMuth’s book. However, the content is so rich, I couldn’t fit it all in just one post. I want to explain and delve into this subject more.

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DeMuth provides the example of “The Women at the Well” (found in John 4: 1-30). This is a beautiful story that I could spend many pages discussing all the details. Basically, Jesus passes through a small Samaritan village and stop at a well to rest. A Samaritan woman (who Jews would traditionally not associate with) comes to the well where Jesus asks her for a drink. She is taken aback by his request. He explains that he can give her a Living Water that will eternally quench her thirst. She does not understand his offer, but is intrigued by not having to come back to the well for water. Jesus asks her to get her husband, which she replies she does not have one. However, Jesus reveals that she has previously had five husbands and is not married to the man she is living with. She is now convinced Jesus is a prophet because that is the only way he would have known her misgivings. She asks Jesus questions about worship, which he answers saying that “true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23 NLT). She replies that the Messiah is coming and he will explain everything. Jesus replies “I am the Messiah” (John 4:26 NLT). At that the woman returns to town, leaving her water jar at the well, to go tell everyone she has met the Messiah. (I reference John 4:1-30 NLT.)

There are so many opportunities to learn and understand within these scriptures. The first thing I want to bring to light is a fact that DeMuth does not stress in her analysis, but I find to be important.

John says “Jesus, tired from the long walk, sat wearily beside the well...” (John 4:6 NLT).

Jesus was tired.

Jesus, the Son of God, was tired.

If Jesus can be tired, it is okay for me to be tired. After we go so long, doing to best we can as much as we can, we can sit down at the well and rest with Jesus. Jesus takes the time to rest, that means I need to too. I am human, just as Jesus was human, and I need rest. That small realization can make a huge difference in your day, your life, your relationship with others and your effectiveness at Spiritual Warfare, which is what this whole book is about. I think I need to say it one more time...

Jesus needed rest and so do I.

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The other takeaways from this powerful scripture are that Jesus contains “Living Waters” and if we let him, he will fill us with those eternal waters so we will no longer thirst for things of the world to fill our “gaping holes.” When we are filled with the Spirit then Satan has a hard time tempting and distracting us. This brings home the point that worldly ways will never satisfy you, but God will satisfy you to overflowing.

DeMuth proclaims that we are the woman at the well. The woman has a “gaping hole,” a feeling of being unwanted and unloved, that she unsuccessfully attempts to fill with the pleasure of men. It is remarkable to her that Jesus, the Messiah, asks her, a broken cistern, for water. In return for her offer, she is given his “Living Waters.” She then leaves her watering jar behind. This is the beginning of our journey into Spiritual Warfare. We leave our method of filling our holes (symbolized by the watering jar left at the well) behind to allow Jesus to fill all of our needs with "Living Water."

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It is important to remember that Satan does not give up easily. He will always be in the shadows waiting for his chance to claim us. We are human and will fall short of God’s glory. One drink of the “Living Waters” is not enough. We must continue to renew the stream and live intimately with God and His Word. Jesus explains to the Woman at the Well that “true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23 NLT). To be fulfilled you only have to worship God from deep inside and carry His message with you so everyone can see his Glory.

DeMuth states, “Spiritual Warfare has more to do with the state of your heart before a holy God than a list of things to do or avoid” (DeMuth p20). If you heart is right with God, if you interact with Him daily and are filled with the “Living Waters” then it is time to continue the journey to the realm of Spiritual Warfare. You may stumble, but get back up with God’s grace. You may have to wade through times of confusion, but seek God’s light to pull you through. You may have to take a leap of faith, but trust God’s voice reaching out to you on the other side. The freedom the “Living Waters” gives you can win many spiritual battles, overcoming the Devil.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins that will ultimately conquer the Devil once and for all. Thank you for providing us with “Living Waters” that rid the need of any worldly ways so that we may know you intimately through constant prayer and worship. I pray that I continuously fill my “gaping holes” with your “Living Waters” and tell the whole world about your light within me. Help me to learn from the story of the Women at the Well and to remember to rest with Jesus when I am weary. Thank you for this devotional and the fellow bloggers that I connect with. I pray that they learn and grow with you during this journey just as I am. Help me be open minded and hear the lessons you want to teach me through these pages and quiet times together. Thank you for showing me the way and being her when I fall to help me up again. I love you Lord, for all that you are and for all that I can be through your strength and love. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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