Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Not-So-Green Thumb

I love having a garden, however, I'm not actually that good at tending to it. It has nothing to do with effort of tending it, I just don't have the green thumb my dad has. Of course when I asked him about it during one of our many emergency garden conversations, he said he didn't really have a green thumb either, he just had a lot of experience at trial and error. I suppose he did, he grew up as a farmer. I took his reassurance and a deep breath and simply keep trying in my garden. 

Zoey loves helping me water all the plants everyday
This year we started planting our garden late. We thought it might be a blessing in disguised because it rained a lot this April, but after finally planting our crop in the first of May it rained some more and still flooded all of our smaller seedlings away. Even tough we also planted habanero peppers and lettuce, we currently only have tomatoes and jalapenos left. We also have some snow peas, but they are currently tangled in weeds to the point that I'm not sure what is weed and what is pea. (Even though I weed the garden regularly these seemed to come up over night to overtake my poor peas!)

Our Beautiful Basil
We also have a few buckets of herbs, separate from the garden, that are doing very well. We have basil, parsley, rosemary, oregano, chamomile, and lavender currently growing strong. We also have a strawberry plant that is on it's third year of produce. We don't get many strawberries a year, but it's nice to go to the vine and pick one or two off every couple days all summer.

Yummy Tomatoes!
I love cooking with fresh vegetables and herbs; I look forward to it every summer. I also love playing in the dirt, which is why I don't mind working so hard on our garden. It is quite relaxing and peaceful working the soil God graced us with. 

Delicious Herbs
Last year we had a plenty of jalapenos and tomatoes that I had to invent recipes to use them all. I made a lot of pico de gallo last year. I hope to do the same this year. We are getting blossoms and tiny veggies now so it will not be long before our kitchen is flowing with our own produce again.

Triumphant Strawberries
Do you grow any vegetables or herbs? Do you have a better green thumb than I do? I would love for you to tell me all about it! 

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