Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Visit to See GrannyPops and Our Crazy Week

This past weekend Zoey and I went to see my parents. Zoey calls them Granny and Pops, but the way she says it makes their names become one word. She says "Let's go see GrannyPops!" This proclamation of course melts my hearts as well as GrannyPops'.

I meant to talk about all of this yesterday, but between being completely distracted packing for our big New England trip next week and my exhaustion which I account to a busy weekend, the heat, the first trimester of my pregnancy and the amount of things I need to do, I didn't even open my computer.

That is our crazy week and it gets more crazy before it gets better. However, I do I want to take a minute and share our exciting weekend hanging out with Granny and Pops.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, Granny was still at work. However, Zoey knows this because we always go in the afternoon. So, she was excited to spend the afternoon with just Pops. It is so special for them to have their own time together. I love watching her with my Dad. Sometimes Zoey follows him into his workshop or out in the garden. She loves to help him with projects, just like I did when I was a kid. On this day though, Zoey cuddled up in the chair next to him and they sang the ABC's thanks with the help of an iPhone app. She is so proud of herself that she knows the ABC song now and I was happy to see Pops singing right along with her.

When Granny got home we went out to eat and then came home and got comfy. Zoey loves to read so it was a special treat for Granny to read with her. This book that they are reading in the picture is fun because you get to act out parts of it. They were so cute together reading and acting out this book.

On Saturday we had a girls day and a mega shopping adventure. We went all over town and were gone most of the day. We ate breakfast and then left, we ate lunch at this awesome Japanese restaurant and then got home at dinner time. While we were out we got a few things for Zoey's Princess Birthday party next month, some craft/scrapbooking supplies and fun books for Zoey, supplies to set up our homeschool preschool this fall and a few clothes. Like I said we went everywhere and we had an amazing time together hanging out and shopping.

On the way home we treated ourselves to an Icee (shaved ice) for each of us. It was delicious and the perfect treat to beat the heat. Zoey got a blue raspberry ("I want blue Mommy!") and ate all of it (which wasn't the full cup at least). Her lips and tongue were blue for hours. I can't say anything, I had Tiger Blood and my lips and tongue were red for hours, even after brushing our teeth. 

Zoey loves to help around the house. She helped Granny do the dishes, fix meals and even put sheets on the bed. Even though she does a lot of the same things at home, they are different and more special with Granny.  I know Granny loves spending time with Zoey and teaching her all she knows.

Zoey, Granny and I went to see Brave in the theaters! It was quite an adventure. It isn't the first movie Zoey has gone to, but it was the first one that she was really interested in and that we stayed the whole time through. She loved watching the Princess on the Big Screen! She didn't really stay still, she was in my lap, in Granny's lap, standing between us and in her own seat too, but it was a matinee several weeks after the movie opened so it wasn't a big deal. There were only two other people in the whole theater. She enjoyed the princess and so did I. It turned out to be a really great movie! 

Granny sewed Zoey a couple dresses. Zoey loved learning about the sewing machine and helping how she could. She was so cute dancing around in her little dress (though unfinished at the time). These are pictures I will always remember because crafts and sewing are special times in our family. I remember sitting in my mom's lap at the sewing machine, it's so exciting to see Zoey enjoying some of the same things I did as a kid. 

That was our weekend. It was lots of fun. Spending time with family and those you love always makes for a good time. I hope you had a great weekend and continue having a good week. 

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