Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pinterest: Homeschool Work Boxes, Monthly Meal Planning and More

My relax and dream Saturday where I emphasize all the things I love on Pinterest! Enjoy and feel free to share some of your own wonderful and creative ideas.

1. Homeschool Work Boxes

Boys, School and Fun
Julie at "Boys, School and Fun" has some wonderful ideas for projects to teach for homeschooling. Since I am beginning homeschool with Zoey this fall, I have my eye out for anything and everything creative to use to teach. I also love the organization that Julie entails. That is what I'm trying to do now, get everything organized so school doesn't feel like a forced affair come August.

2. Monthly Meal Planning

Greater Things

I have always wanted to do meal planning. I was actually better at it when I was working before I ever had Zoey, but even then it only lasted about two weeks. I do have that problem where we are always missing one ingredient or I can't think of anything to cook on a night. Having a monthly meal plan and sticking to it would be wonderful. I would just have to stick to it. Callie at "Greater Things" has a wonderful meal plan that I might actually be able to tailor to my family and stick to. She does a great job explaining her plan and even includes recipes for many of her meals. I am excited to start this.

3. Big Sibling Shirt

PB&J Stories
I am so excited about the good news myself! We are having a baby next March and I would love to get a couple Big Sister shirts for Zoey. But this is one that I hadn't thought of. This is such a cute idea and would be super easy to do. Pamela at "PB&J Stories" has all kinds of DIY projects and creative ideas.

4. Children's Book Activities

Mom and 2 Posh Lil Divas
I love reading with Zoey, and with our homeschool preschool coming up this fall, these children's book activities will be the perfect way to incorporate reading, fun and crafts. I am excited to take some of these ideas and also to create some of my own. This link has many ideas and links for more. Also there is a Linky thread where others have added many more ideas. This is a great source for all kinds of different Children's book activities.

5. No Bake Strawberry Summer Cake

So, How's It Taste?
I love simple recipes like this. This Strawberry Cake only has four ingredients and looks amazing. It is a light recipe that is perfect for the hot summer. Leah at "So, How's it Taste?" has many wonderful recipes that are easy and creative. I love finding new ideas to cook that keeps life interesting and my family asking for more.

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