Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pinterest: Lollipops, birthday albums, S more snacks and more!

I love Pinterest! If you haven't indulged yet, I highly recommend it! And if you are, join me in reliving some of the highlights of the past week...

1. Patriotic Cookie Lollipop

I love this idea. It seems easy enough to do and you could change the design to accommodate all kinds of holidays and events. Kellie, the creator of this fun snack, also has a personal blog, "Little Nummies," with all sorts of cool kid snacks. There are also more by Kellie and others on "Snackpicks."

2. Birthday Album

Reaves, Party of Four
I have seen this particular idea many times, but now that Zoey is about to turn three I am putting on my should do now list. I love doing special things like this for yearly events like birthdays. It idea is that you ask your child the same 20 questions every year and watch how the answers change as your kids grow. I am excited to start this year on Zoey's birthday.

3. S mores Snack Treats

Come Together Kids
I am always looking for unique snacks and treats to make life a little more fun and interesting. This idea jumped out at me. One, because I love S mores, and two, because Zoey loved making S mores while on vacation this past week. I am excited to try this for myself as much as Zoey.

4. Veggie Garden

I know this veggie garden will take a lot of effort to build, but we need something similar to this or at least a good fence to keep the dogs out of our garden. They are simply too interested in the plants. Between the dogs, the heat and the flash floods, our garden has not done very well this year at all. This is a bit frustrating, but we are making plans to do what we can to eliminate these problems for next year.

5. Sunflower Beauty

Tasty Treats At Home
Sometimes things are just good for the soul. This picture made me catch my breath the first time I saw it. It is beautiful. It simply makes me happy and something that is all we need. 

I hope you enjoy Pinterest and some of the ideas I find. Feel free to add some more that you found particularly Pinteresting. I would love to make this a linky and possibly link to other Pinterest links around. I intend to make this happen very soon, stay tuned!

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