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Song of Songs/Solomon (Bible in 90 Days)

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Song of Songs/Solomon is a love story. It professes the love of a man (King Solomon) and his bride. Through this story the sanctity of marriage is affirmed. Even beyond that is God’s overwhelming love for his people.

The idea of sex today is an extreme mutation of what it is in God’s mind. A relationship between two people is a holy anointing if they let God guide them. Song of Songs/Solomon describes the details of that love. 

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Now I’m going to stop telling you the Sunday School version and say what I really think…

I’m going to be honest, I don’t understand the details of Song of Songs/Solomon. I get the love story and I get the sexual allusions, but it is hard to understand it as a whole. I’m glad my bible has the context (i.e. “The Wedding Day,” “Memories of Engagement,” “A Troubling Dream”) so I know what’s going on. One day I should study it closer to really understand.

In the meantime, let’s go with the major themes: sex, love and commitment. 

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In today’s society, sex is persuasion, bargaining, causal and expected. This isn’t how God intended it to be. Sex is good. There is no point in denying it—sex is awesome. However, I waited for sex with the right person. To me, sex means pleasure, love, security and joy. I suppose that is what Song of Songs/Solomon is saying.

Love is a beautiful emotion. There are many different types of love: friendships, family, significant other, child, respectful, to name a few. I think the thing God wants us to remember about love is for it to be honest and pure. Too often emotions are toiled with to get what you want or lets go when things get tough. True love never gives up. If you feel lonely, remember, God loves you most of all, no matter what. 

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Marriage is a tough subject in this day and age. There is a high divorce rate in America now and I can imagine God doing a face palm. Marriage is a commitment, a promise you make to each other and to God and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Nowadays, it is too easy to give up on marriage. But more importantly, people aren’t getting married for the right reasons. Marriages based on money, sex, “because it’s the right thing,” are more than likely only going to last a short time. For marriage to last there has to be respect, trust, sacrifice and most importantly, communication. Marriage takes work, hard work and it’s not always about getting what you want when you want it. But it is worth it—so worth it. I love my marriage. I feel joy even on a bad day. I feel loved, honored, trusted and valued. I feel comfortable and secure in a way that transcends all material and petty things. That is marriage to me. And the sex is pretty amazing as well. 
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Wait for the person who you can be completely yourself with, who makes you smile, who takes time for you, who stands by you even when you make mistakes and forgives you. God intended marriage to be wonderful. I think that’s what Song of Songs/Solomon is about. Love is honest and playful. God’s love is forever.

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