Friday, August 24, 2012

What a Week!

Photo: A rare moment of quiet from two very active girls.
Zoey and her friend is a rare moment of quiet during a long afternoon of play.

This has been a week-- a crazy week. We have been fighting sickness, while beginning preschool, and helping out some friends too. I feel exhausted and ready to sleep for an entire day. However, I will instead take a sip of hot tea and try to make sense of this erratic week.

Preschool is going well. Zoey is enthusiastic about it and I am having a blast watching her learn. This week we were distracted by a cold that has now reached the entire family, but we still learned some fun things. We covered the letter "A" and colored lots of alligators. Zoey also pointed to and named many other words that started with "A." We also began some pre-writing sheets to help her get control over her marks to eventually begin to write letters. She does really well with this, but I am having trouble getting her to hold her pencil correctly. We also focused on the bible story of creation. She liked the part where God created the fish and birds and then when he created all the animals.

Thankfully, none of us got really sick. It was simply that head cold, stuffy nose, I don't want to do anything but sit here sick. I think I am getting it last so hopefully we will all be back to our silly selves by next week.

I read two books this week. Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend either of them to you. The first book was "Fallen in Love" by Lauren Kate (book 3.5 in the Fallen series.) I love the series, but this particular book was a collection of stories for each character. I thought it was lacking and unneeded. I am looking forward to reading the last book in the saga though, "Rapture." The second book I read was "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James. I have no idea what the hype was about. I didn't like it. It is horribly written and the story is lacking at best. You can read my review of it on "Goodreads."

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