Friday, December 28, 2012

Daily Devotionals Coming Soon!!!

I am so excited to present Daily Devotionals beginning Tuesday, January 1, 2013! We will go through scripture and learn a little about God and His plan for us everyday. On Sundays, I will expand into a more in depth Bible Study where we dive even deeper into what God's Word means and how we can apply it in the real world.

This is an endeavor that God has placed on my heart. I never really thought of writing devotionals, I always wanted to write the great American novel. However, I believe God is using this particular talent for a greater purpose. It is my heart's desire to truly inspire people and this is the method which God has provided for me to do just that.

I pray that these devotionals bring Glory to God and that you can learn something about yourself or about God that will help you in your walk with Him and in life in general. I hope that you can read and get exactly what you need, my prayer is to affect people in a positive and loving way.

Be inspired! Seek Peace! Live in Joy! That is my prayer.

Please join me on the 1st as I trust God and begin Daily Devotionals with Amanda at Tales from a Mother!

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