Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One Word 2013

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Welcome 2013! I'm not really very big on doing new years resolutions. I believe that the beginning can start anywhere, so waiting until the beginning of the year to start trying to be better seems wasteful.

However, I was all geared up to do a bucket list for 2013, in fact I may still. I wanted a fun list of all the things we hope to do over the next year. It would include things like go to Disney World, continuously post my Daily Devotionals, go to a football game, etc. But then, I found this One Word 2013 Challenge and I fell in love with the idea.

It all began with Alece and an idea. Now you can view the fruits of her effort at One Word 365, an entire support community. This idea is instead of a laundry list of goals for the new year let God put a word on your heart to concentrate on throughout the whole year. In the beginning, it may be difficult, but as the year continues that word, that overarching idea, will influence your life for the better. That one idea, that focus, will touch every part of your life and at the end of the "new" year, you will notice a great change for the better.

Yes! This is an idea I can get behind!!!

The word God put on my heart for this year is Simplicity. I tend to get really stressed when many things happen at once or there is a lot of clutter. The word simplicity will affect many areas that I need to work on. It will help me not get involved in more than I can handle sanely, it will help me give things away that we don't need to relieve the clutter, it will help me be a better mother and wife because I can focus on them and only them during our time together instead of thinking of all the other things I need to do, it will stream line all of my over-abundant thoughts and allow be to simply be. At least this is the hope, the goal at the end of the year -- I have a long way to go.

What would your word be?

I want to thank Melanie at Only a Breath for making the amazing One Word Button and the beautiful image at the top of my post. She is willing to make buttons for anyone who is interested in joining the One Word Community, you can find out more about this HERE.

I am linking my One Word with Melanie@Only a Breath, Alece@One Word 365 and Create with Joy. I hope you will join me!

May God bring blessings and love for this New Year!

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