Saturday, February 23, 2013

Build Others Up

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When we get tired and angry, sin is often close at hand. It is not a sin to be angry, but we are accountable for what we do in our anger. The devil is waiting in the wings for any chance to further derail us from our relationship with God. In anger, the devil can point us to pride, envy or even more violent sins. We must be careful what we think because it becomes what we speak. Everything that we speak affects our situation, let only positive things come out of your mouth so you will only help build others up. God gave us the commandment to love one another. Do not let anger tear us apart, but rebuke the devil and do what is helpful for building others up.

Dear Lord,
Help me to read, understand and apply Your Word. Help me to be slow to anger and to life others up, speaking positively to bring great joy into this world. 
 Tales From A Mother - Daily Devotionals 

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