Friday, February 22, 2013

When Trouble Comes

James 1:2 -- “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.”
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Did you notice James said “when” not “if?” It isn't a question of whether trouble will come, trouble will always come. It may be small or life-altering, but there is always trouble on the horizon.

Does God gives us trouble as a form of discipline? Often it is. Our struggles are meant to shape us, to chip off rough edges. Even a diamond must be shaped and smoothed before it is considered valuable. God can use us just how we are, but He wants to see us at our best. He wants to chip away the rough edges so we sparkle like a diamond.

There will always be trouble, meant to shape and mold us to be more Christ-like. That is why our troubles should be counted as joy. It is during these struggles that we put what we know about God to the test. Do we really have faith? Can we really rely only on Him? Can we praise God even when the waters are rough?

When we can celebrate God’s goodness, even in trying times, we find joy. When we can trust God even in the most uncertain times, we find peace. When trouble comes your way, count it all joy.

Dear Lord,
Help me! I see the trials coming, I am in them right now! Help me to rely on You. Give me peace even when I can’t understand the why. Help me to know you are in control and to leave from the trouble that comes. Help me to take joy in every moment, the pleasant and the trying.

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