Sunday, April 21, 2013

Luke (Bible in 90 Days)

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The four gospels are our most direct insight to who Jesus was as He walked on Earth. Jesus brought radical teaching that shook the Israelite nation. To understand how each writer represented Jesus' message, it is important to know them each a little more. Each of their accounts are both unique and amazingly similar to the three others. This is proof that what they tell is truth, God's Truth.

Luke was a doctor and a Greek gentile Christian (the only known Gentile author of the New Testament.) He was a close companion of Paul and traveled with him during the beginnings of the Christian church. It gave him many opportunities to interview the disciples and research the facts surrounding Jesus’ life.

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As a doctor, Luke focuses on the facts and Jesus’ relationships with people. He affirms that Jesus is the Son of God, but spends his energy illustrating Jesus’ humanity. His science and Greek background encourages him to include many details about Jesus’ Life. Luke provides the most comprehensive of the gospels. Most of 9:51-18:35 is not found in any other gospel. Also, Luke includes the most details surrounding Jesus’ birth and gives a predominant place to women. Luke includes a glimpse of Jesus at age 12 in the temple discussing theology with the Jewish teachers.

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Luke also wrote Acts and the two are reliable, historical documents that are easily read together. Luke’s diction and vocabulary prove his education. He references illnesses and diagnoses, and emphasizes prayer, miracles, and hymns of praise, angels and Jesus’ interactions with people. Luke gives an accurate account of Jesus’ life and presents Jesus as the perfect human and our Savior.
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