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A Wife of Noble Character: Conclusions

After almost a month and 22 scriptures of studying the wife of noble character, I am proud to be a woman, a wife, a mother and a child of God.

Women are not meant to be meek housemaids, nor are they meant to be manipulative snobs. Instead, God meant for women to be strong and hold their own in society next to men, not above or below them.

God did not mean for women to all but disappear from society only interacting with and teaching other women and children. Society's and history's view of women is not God's view of women as we clearly see through these 21 very powerful, encouraging, even somewhat intimidating verses.

When we look at the wife of noble character, really dig down deep into who she is, we should start seeing less of the woman and more of God. He shines through her, she is a vessel that speaks, encourages, disciplines, heals, trades, advises and loves in the way God intended us to be. Without the Lord, the wife would not keep her noble character, but with God she surpasses them all.

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We have learned much from the Wife of Noble Character. As women, we can follow her example by...
  1. Being wise, which means walking with God. [Proverbs 31:10]
  2. Enriching the lives of those near us just by being a strong example of Christ. [Proverbs 31:11]
  3. Loving God and everyone around us just for being who they are. [Proverbs 31:12]
  4. Lifting others up, not tearing them down -- avoiding idleness and gossip. [Proverbs 31:13]
  5. Staying strong, sturdy, dependable, hard working, traveling and merchandising and then giving all the glory to God so we can live in unity and peace with everyone around us. [Proverbs 31:14]
  6. Being a good manager and taking time to focus on the Lord and remain in His will; keeping wisdom and living in peace. [Proverbs 31:15]
  7. Making the most of whatever she has and reinvesting all things for a profit to benefit herself, her family and her community. [Proverbs 31:16]
  8. Being energetic, hard-working and strong. However, this strength is not merely physical strength, but the inner strength of knowing God and that He will always be there guarding and guiding you. [Proverbs 31:17]
  9. Keeping a positive attitude and managing all of our resources well. [Proverbs 31:18]
  10. Staying organized and prepared for anything. [Proverbs 31:19]
  11. Reaching out and lifting others up, even when we don't feel like it. [Proverbs 31:20]
  12. Not living in fear, but giving all of our cares and worries to God. [Proverbs 31:21]
  13. Being able to proactively determine what needs to be done for her family and in the community and do it. We are to be respectable and respected by our actions. [Proverbs 31:22
  14. Standing beside her husband in a strong, equal relationship where they are supporting each other in every way and they are better because of each other. [Proverbs 31:23]
  15. Responding to God and finding your own place in the community. [Proverbs 31:24]
  16. Being a shinning light -- allowing God's love to flow through us and into our homes, family/friends and our community. [Proverbs 31:25]
  17. Deciding to be kind and put others above ourselves. [Proverbs 31:26]
  18. Building up her home with preparations and positive energy. We trust God to give us the strength and guidance to do the best we can in our home and our community. [Proverbs 31:27]
  19. Keeping our focus on God and letting His love show through our actions. [Proverbs 31:28]
  20. Knowing it is one thing to be moral and another to experience the power of Jesus in our lives. [Proverbs 31:29]
  21. Knowing our beauty comes from within, not of any physical element. [Proverbs 31:30]
  22. Becoming the example. [Proverbs 31:31]
   This wonderful poster is from Darlene Schacht at The Time-Warp Wife. 
        It is a beautiful summary of what the Wife of Noble Character has to offer us. 
     If you would like a free printable of this poster click HERE.

There is a lot to learn from the wife of noble character. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and disheartened like I first did after studying these verses, I suggest spending quiet time with God asking Him what you personally can learn from the wife of noble character. Then pick one aspect to focus on and pray about it daily. Look for ways you can be more like the way God intended women to be and less what society expects you to be. I challenge you to take a change on God and walk in faith of His words starting today. 

Dear Lord,
I thank you for all of those who are on this journey with me to find out what it means to be a woman of noble character. I ask that you bless all of the women, wives and mothers who seek you out everyday. Help us to draw our strength from you and be a shinning light to our families and to our community. Thank you for guarding and guiding us through our days. Amen.

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