Monday, July 29, 2013

Homeschool Preschool: Week 3

Homeschool Preschool 4-K
Week 3

We divide our homeschool curriculum into 4 basic parts: Bible, Letters and Numbers, Book of the Week and Other Skills. It is geared toward age 4, though many of the activities are good for children of all ages. I write this to give an overview of lessons and projects that we do to give you ideas to teach and do crafts with kids. We have a very casual preschool approach, but it is always fun to be creative and learn together!


Our Bible story this week comes from Genesis: Abraham and Sarah wants a baby. We found the story on page 46 of the The Beginner's Bible. We are working on the character trait of patience which means to wait quietly with a happy heart and not whining. From this story we learn how to wait patiently for things we want and to trust God that he will grant us our desires. We also learned about the promise God granted Abraham, that he will be the father of nations and that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars (Genesis 15).

Abraham with Stars coloring sheet [Printable]

Abraham free coloring sheet [Printable]

Star Template [Printable]
Zoey covered hers with glitter, but you could use anything like noodles, yarn, stickers paint, or even just color it.

Star Craft [Printable]
This one actually suppose to become a 3-D star, but we ended up pasting it flat on paper instead.

Our Weekly Verse:
Psalms 37:7a - Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him.

And we did some noodle art, just for fun!

I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy Down in My Heart [LINK]

Letters and Numbers

Letter H Poster [Printable]

Letter H Handwriting Sheet [Printable]

Number 4 Poster [Printable]

Book of the Week

By: Dr. Seuss

Pocket craft [Printable]
For this project we used the template to cut out the pocket from construction paper. I thing punched holes around the edges so she could lace it, but I also stapled it together so it wouldn't fall apart. We used ribbon to lace it. Then we cut out and colored things to go in the pocket.

Other Skills

Playing Candy Land
This is a fun game because it not only teaches colors and counting, but also how to take turns, be patient and be a good sport. It fit in perfect with our lessons on patience this week and it was lots of fun!

Coordination Song:
Father Abraham with motions [LINK]

Thank you to ABC Jesus Love Me for so many of the ideas and the confidence to teach my child biblical and developmental ideas.

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  1. what a fun week! I love preschool!
    The wocket in my pocket book has always been a favorite with my kids - always ends up with a giggle fest. The printables are really cool - I'll be sharing these with my daughter for her little ones.