Monday, July 15, 2013

Homeschool: Week 1

Our homeschooling days are currently very relaxed and focused on three main parts: Bible, Letters and Numbers and Book of the Week.


Our Bible Study this week was the story of Jesus walking on the water. I use the Beginner's Bible where this story is found on pages 364-370. It breaks the story down into an interesting yet involved account. Zoey's first take away from the story was "Jesus saves him!" which she exclaimed before I even finished. That was good because my two points were keep your eyes on Jesus and trust Jesus will always save you.

The themes for the week were Faith and Trust. In the story Jesus walks on water and Peter, unsure if it is truely Jesus and not a ghost calls to him asking if he can come out to him. Jesus welcomes him. As long as Peter keeps his eyes on Jesus as he steps out over the water he floats, but as soon as he is distracted by the waves and wind he sinks. The moral of this story is to keep your eyes on Jesus, it is when we get distracted that we become scared and worried, but Jesus will always save you, just as he saved Peter when he sank.

Memory Verse:
Proverbs 3:5 -- "Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on you own understanding."

We completed several activities to encourage these points:

Coloring Sheet [Printable]

Looking at Jesus craft [Instructions]

Jesus Walking on Water Craft [Printable]

We also painted with apples! To emphasize trust I asked Zoey if she trusted me that there was a star inside the apple. She said yes! But she was still surprised and excited when I cut the apple across the core showing her the star it made. Then I dried all the excess paint off with a paper towel and dipped it in paint. I used acrylic because that is what I had, but most any fingerprint would work. My advice is to be careful to cut the apple as straight as possible because you couldn't see the star well because my cut was jagged. Most importantly it was a lot of fun!

Letters and Numbers

Our letter this week was "T" and our number was "1." These are chosen because of the way to write them, beginning with the ones which have perpendicular straight lines.

"T" Poster [Printable]
There are lots of "T" options to fill it with. We chose "T" for Tinkerbell!

We also did a number "1" poster with one butterfly 

We also did a color activity. It was suppose to be a caterpillar, but Zoey got creative and made colored dots with eyes. But she knew all of the color, which was the point of the exercise. And he had fun too!

Book of the Week:

by Eric Litwin

This is such a wonderful book to learn colors and to go with the flow!

Coloring Sheet [Printable]

I want to give special thanks to ABC Jesus Love Me for the basic curriculum and for providing so many ideas and links. 

We had a great first week of homeschool K-4! I hope you can reuse some of these ideas and share even more! I would love suggestions, ideas and you to connect your schooling posts in the comments!

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  1. Having a good routine in place and opportunity for learning, creating and discovering is a terrific preschool plan. Love the pics of your daughter happily at work!

  2. It looks like she had a wonderful time learning! Kudos for keeping it fun. :)