Monday, July 22, 2013

Homeschool: Week 2


This week our Bible story is "The Fiery Furnace" found on page 247 of The Beginner's Bible. The scripture is from Daniel 3 with the objective to obey God no matter what. We are working on the character trait of obedience which means to do what you are told, right away, and with a happy heart without being reminded. 

Our memory verse is:
James 1:22 -- "But don't just listen to God's word. You must do what it says."

Our Bible story activities:

Coloring Sheets [Printable]

Maze [Printable]

One of our favorite times during the week is free draw. This week Zoey drew "The Firey Furnace."

Play Mother May I:
To encourage the theme of obedience play Mother May I where you stand a reasonable distance away from your child and the child asks "Mother May I...(take a step forward)?" And you say "Yes or may."

Letters and Numbers

Letter "L" activities:
Poster "L" [Printable]
We used ladybugs for our Letter "L" poster

Letter "L" Handwriting Worksheet [Printable]

I have found some of the best treasures to help supplement preschool homeschool are tools from the dollar section at the dollar store or target. This is one math concept book that we purchased this school year at Target. We have had great success with this book that is fun and encourages great skills.

Book of the Week

by Doreen Cronin

Read aloud on youtube [LINK]

Other Skills

Practicing 1st-step Sewing
I found these lacing practices from the dollar store. If you don't buy them you could easily make them. Simply print a colorful picture onto cardstock and punch holes around the edges. You can use a shoestring or ribbon to teach how to lace up and down to teach sewing. This teaches fine motor skills as well as the first step to teaching a life long skill of sewing and making it fun.

Hope you are having a great week!

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