Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God's Economy

Ecclesiastes 11:1 -- "Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you."

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The economy of heaven works much like the economy of  earth in this way -- you must put one thing in to get something back.

I have never been very interested in politics or economy, but when our last recession hit, I realized something important. As our country fell into a time of desolation no one had a lot of anything (the majority at least) and what they did have they held onto because they did know when they might have something again. This mindset actually stunted the ability to rise up out of the recession.

It is the same in God's economy. We finally feel like we have something, whether it be hope, joy, peace, confidence, you name it; and we want to hold onto it and never share it or let it go. However, when we do this we stunt our own growth and keep blessings from those around us.

Just like you have to put money and spending into the United State's economy, you have to put faith and love into God's economy. When we share our blessings we receive so much more and we enrich those around us.

I will say, you can't out give God. You can never give too much because more is always coming back to you. You must spend money to make money and you must give love to receive it. When you put yourself out there, in time, greater things than you could ever imagine flow back to you.

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