Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nothing is Hidden From God - Hebrews 4:13

Hebrews 4:13 -- "Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to whom we are accountable."

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When Adam and Eve committed the first sin in the Garden of Eden, they were ashamed. They tried to hide themselves and cover themselves up. But God knew, and He held them accountable. he punished them by banishing them from the garden, but He also provided clothing and a way of life for them to not only survive, but to prosper.

When we sin, there is no way to hide if from God. He knows our sins and our true hearts. He will keep us accountable. However, because He loves us, He will also provide for us and make a way of life for us. We will not only survive, but prosper. We will not only be forgiven, but redeemed.

Jesus Christ lived and died so that we may be set free from our bondage and our sin. God know our sin, but we must confess our wrong doings and ask for forgiveness, which is made possible by Christ. We must not only acknowledge our sin, but be willing to turn away from it. Thankfully, we no longer have to sacrifice, but it is because Jesus paid the ultimate price. But He sill holds us accountable and nothing in all of creation is hidden from Him.

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