Monday, September 16, 2013

Commit to the Lord - Psalm 37:5

Psalm 37:5 -- "Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you."

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God seeks a personal relationship with every individual He has created. He wants to know us, love us, guide us and guard us. However, often we do not let Him, we stand in the way of our own peace and joy.

We tend to reach out to God when things don't go our way. However, as soon as we sense He's going to tell us something we don't like, we turn around with the attitude "I'll find a better way." This attitude is fruitless and will only cause more suffering. There is no better way than God's perfect vision for our lives.

To see the Lord more in our lives, we have to commit everything to Him. Not just what seems pleasant or when we are desperate, but everything in every moment of every day. That is a hard thing to do. However, it begins with one choice, one act of obedience, and then another. God is patient and He will guard and guide you through your path.

Commit everything to the Lord today. Take one step closer to God in obedience and He will begin to show you the life you can have through Him.

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