Friday, September 27, 2013

Follow Jesus - Mark 10:21

Mark 10:21 -- "Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”
I'm going to be honest, materialism is something God is constantly working with me on. I like to have things. I like to save things in case I ever need or want them again. We give things away to help other in need, but there is a lot more coming in than going out. Maybe you can relate?

One thing I refuse to let go of are my scrapbooks. I have several huge 12x12 scrapbooks that weight at least five pounds each. They only fit on one shelf in the entire house because they are so big. But, I put so much work into them and they are some of my most precious memories.

However, what can I really take with me? They would be difficult to move and I surely can't take them when I go to heaven. I like to think my daughter will keep them and treasure them as I do, but only God knows that.

But sometimes I wonder, do I treasure my scrapbook filled with colorful paper and pictures of the past more than I treasure God? Do I hold these memories and things I have done in a higher regard than I hold my Creator, my Comforter and my Protector? Now that is a hard question.

Thankfully, at least right now, I feel no conviction to do anything drastic like getting rid of my scrapbooks. However, I do feel convicted to think over and analyze what these possessions really mean to me and if they effect my faith. 

Jesus tells a good man that he lacks only one thing -- Jesus Himself. Jesus tells the man to sell everything to the poor and follow Him.

Is it wrong to have stuff? No. However, there is a problem when all that stuff distracts you from what really matters -- God. The stuff won't save you when you are in trouble or comfort you when you are lonely and sad or protect you from evil, no matter how much you have. The more stuff you have, the more distractions there are and more falsely secure you feel. Unfortunately, the more stuff we have, the more you look to that to save you than to God who can save you.

For some it is not material things, but TV shows or golfing or going out or shopping or new electronics or cars or a number of other things. You know what distracts you from God. If you don't know, ask God, He knows what is keeping you from Him. Pray for Him to show you. It is hard to let those things go, but the rewards are miraculous. When you can seek out God instead of stuff, then you will lack nothing.

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